This survey is anonymous. 

For 2017, our Olympic View Friends community was encouraged to intentionally seek to know God and follow Jesus more through reading the whole Bible and spending time to hear what Jesus has to say to us through what they read.

As we wrap up the reading plan this month, we wanted to ask you to participate in a survey to help up us know if you followed the reading plan, how God spoke to you, and ways we could further encourage your Solo life with God.

Even if you didn't commit to the Reading Plan, we ask that you would still fill out the survey so we can include your thoughts in our discernment regarding future studies, community groups and teaching series.


2017 "a year studying the bible and seeking after jesus" survey.

1. Please select you gender: *
2. Please enter your age range: *
3. Did you participate in our "Year of the Bible" reading plan? *
4. Do you try to set time aside each day to be Solo with God? *
5. What factors make it difficult for you to devote more time to meet 1 on 1 with God? *
6. What factors make regular Bible reading challenging? *
7. What would help you read the Bible more? *
8. Do you use any modern forms of personal Bible study/reading? *
9. If a Community Group* was available in your area, would you be interested in participating? *
*Authentic community happens in circles-not rows. By living in community, we help one another live out God’s design for our lives. We edify, encourage and challenge each other to live out our faith in Jesus.  That means that joining a group is a great way to grow in your relationship with God, build friendships and journey with other people! Community Groups meet to "do life" together.  This means that they: -Study the Bible together -Do fun activities together like dinners, bowling, etc. -Are missional together - local and global service/ministry projects -Journey through life together during the ups & downs, the bad & the good. Groups make God’s large Church seem small by allowing us to connect with people, grow as we study following Jesus together and they create opportunities for us to go out together and do good things for our community and the world.  These good things that we do allow us to express God's love in a very practical way.
10. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, how often a month would you be able to attend a Group meeting?