Authentic community happens in circles-not rows. By living in community, we help one another live out God’s design for our lives. We edify, encourage and challenge each other to live out our faith in Jesus.  That means that joining a group is a great way to grow in your relationship with God, build friendships and journey with other people!


We have a three different types of COMMUNITY Groups for you to choose from.



Starting in May, Life Groups are our small (6-12 people) group Bible studies that meet all over Pierce & King counties every week or bi-weekly during the year.  Life Groups meet together to "do life" together.  This means that they:

-Study the Bible together

-Do fun activities together - Dinners, bowling, etc.

-Are missional together - local and global service/ministry projects

-Journey through life together during the ups & downs, the bad & the good.

Life Groups make God’s large Church seem small by allowing us to connect with people, grow as we study following Jesus together and they create opportunities for us to go out together and do good things for our community and the world.  These good things that we do allow us to express God's love in a very practical way.

What does a Life Group Leader/Host do?
Life Group hosts/leaders create environments for people to develop and grow in their relationships with Jesus. They work with our pastor to figure out the direction of a group and facilitate discussion for the group. It's easy to be a Life Group Leader/HOST.

If you are interested in leading/hosting a LIFE GROUP, fill out a SERVE card.


Fellowship Groups 

These are groups that meet once a month or every other month to have an activity, meal, dessert or coffee together.  It is a great "entry level" opportunity to meet new people and get involved at Olympic View Friends.  There is also no commitment.  These are more of a "I'm free today, have time and would like to hangout" type of group.  

If you are interested in leading/hosting a FELLOWSHIP GROUP, fill out a SERVE card.     


Interest Groups

Short term interest groups that last for a quarter and launch each Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Examples such as:

-Outdoor Rock Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Scrapbooking, Quilting, Music.. and more. 

If you are interested in leading/hosting a INTEREST GROUP, fill out a SERVE card.     


All of our Community Groups are meant to be a safe place, where people can come together outside the confines of the church building. It’s a place where you can learn, grow, worship, pray, laugh and live life together. 


Do you have to be a member of Olympic View to join a Group? 

Nope.  You do not. Simply stop by the "Life Group Board" in the Fireside Rm or choose one of the above available groups for more info and how to get connected.  Daycare families welcome.

If you are interested in Leading or Being Part of A New Group, please fill out a SERVE card and mark host or go here.



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People in our community live all over Pierce & King County. Finding a group close to you could help limit your commute.